Software and Services to help IT and Finance teams optimize their Technology Cost Management


We are Specialists in Technology Use Management

 We aim to: "Provide solutions that improve the economic sustainability of companies, by reducing costs by optimizing the management of the use of technologies and facilitating the work of its employees in monitoring the processes of recovering financial and human capital."

 Telecommunications Assets:

Use, inventory, invoices, tickets, certificates, contracts and disputes over telephone charges.

 Hardware Assets:

Computers, servers, routers, data links, printers.

 Software Assets:

SaaS, named licenses, subscriptions, applications and audits.

Data Center Assets:

Servers, virtual machines, CPU, disk, memory and availability usage.

 TEMControle Software

Software developed by ATIVU for management of expenses and use of technology in order to analyze contracts, invoices, purchase orders and physical inventory, in addition to centralizing these processes, optimizing resources and auditing collections. We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Meets TEM (Technology Expense Management) methodology

  • Perform the management of technology assets, contracts and invoices

  • Provides the electronic certificate

  • Allows consumption and expenses to be accounted for by cost center

  • Ensures an automatic, accurate and detailed audit of services, tariffs, taxes, discounts, cadences, hourly modulations, and all items charged on invoices

  • Offers transparency in the use of resources

  • Ensures peace of mind for the contract manager when releasing payments

  • Enables better budget management


The Technology Products and Services Market is in full transition...

Benefits of Technology Management

  • Visibility of IT Spending

  • Budget planning

  • Equipment Life Cycle Monitoring

  • Invoice Audit

  • Management of Use of Available Services

  • Control of IOT Equipment "Internet of Things"

TEMControle stores a huge mass of data, a Big Data.. 


Transparency in the relationship between its employees, partners and suppliers.

In the search for transparency in the relationship between its employees, partners and suppliers, it presents ethical conduct and in line with the legal dictates currently in force, in particular, the Anti-Corruption Law (Law 12.846 / 13). For this reason, it adopts a well-structured Compliance program that establishes guidelines to be followed by employees in order to disseminate a culture of integrity within the company.



"We follow the movements of technology, which is developing rapidly and in several directions, with the profusion of new applications used to support organizations, departments, projects and day-to-day work in companies. The magnitude of this transformation provides profound changes, including creating a new brand for our company, which has guided us until 32 years ago, forging its new identity to face the challenges of the future: ATIVU. "

Ricardo de Figueiredo Caldas
CEO, ATIVU Tecnology.


SaaS - Pay Monthly For Software And Operate

Ideal for organizations that want to keep their team of professionals performing the operation and are looking for a solution that does not require investment in technological infrastructure.

Access to TEMControle over the Web

BPO - Pay Monthly For Software and ATIVU Operation

All services are performed at ATIVU's operations center and your company receives periodic reports and analyzes monthly.

Access over the Web + ATIVU Operation

Software Buy

Your company purchases the license to use the TEMControle for perpetual use, in a non-exclusive and non-transferable character.

 Software Installed in Your Company


Our team will be delighted to serve you.

"Installation and implementation of solutions, integrations and customizations, knowledge transfer, assisted operation and technical support. We have a team ready!"​



SCS Quadra 01, Bloco K, Nº30 Edifício Denasa, Brasília - DF

Avenida Paulista, N°777 São Paulo - SP


+55 (61) 2196-8000

+55 (11) 3323-1988


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SCS Quadra 01, Bloco K, Nº30 Edifício Denasa, Brasília - DF 

+55 (61) 2196-8000

Avenida Paulista, N°777 São Paulo - SP

+55 (61) 3323-1988

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